Website Maintenance

SiteHelpAI was developed to help all size website owners and operators have security in knowing that their website is part of a network of website maintenance professionals that help keep the website running securely 24/7. SiteHelpAI works with small and large Websites, WordPress-based, WooCommerce, and Shopify platforms. Our professionals have extensive experience in dealing with everyday technical issues relating to these sites.

With 24/7 emergency support and uninterrupted uptime monitoring ensuring that your visitors can engage with your content or make purchases without disruption. We excel in integrating third-party scripts, ensuring ADA compliance for accessibility, and implementing robust analytics and reporting tools to measure and optimize performance.

Our comprehensive approach extends to managing and enhancing the functionality of your website or online store. We seamlessly integrate a variety of applications to meet your specific requirements, whether it’s calendars, booking systems, email marketing, or specialized plugins. We also safeguard your data through automated backup procedures, regular security audits, and server maintenance.

Our Premium plans also include on-page optimization, image optimization, and resolving 404 errors to ensure a smooth user experience, while also optimizing for mobile devices and improving SEO. We handle the technical issues, so you can focus on your day-to-day business activities. Check out our maintenance plans below to get more info and get started.

Plan Types